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Quotes Eden's reading was so helpful to me. I had thought I had completed the work I needed to do with my mother, who is 94 and has dementia, but it came through that I needed to tell her I forgave her and when I did this as well as asked for her forgiveness, my mother surprised me with a lucid, loving conversation. I felt it was a gift that came through the spirit guide in my reading. Thank you, Eden, for being the open channel to this healing moment. - Stephanie L. Quotes
Stephanie L.

Quotes I have this amazing friend from way back in the Junior High School days, Eden Sustin, and a few weeks ago I was soooo surprised to learn she was a Spiritual Medium! Being someone who is open to that kind of thing and knowing Eden for over 30 years I could not WAIT to have her give me a reading! All I can say is WOW!!! It was a wonderful experience both times to be read by her! I gained alot of insight into my life and relationships that has given me so much peace of mind and a feeling that I am moving in a positive direction toward my goals. If you have any inclination to talk with a spiritual medium I highly recommend Eden! She is very professional and has not just her spiritual gifts but also her own caring way of delivering the messages in a positive and theraputic manner that help you get past expectations and into a place where real progress can be made. I have recommended her to a friend with great success for that friend as well. Try it once and tell me what you think! Quotes
Christina Hayes
Skeptic no more

Quotes A reading with Eden is a truly unique experience that leaves you both amazed and comforted by what she is able to communicate. Eden has a strong motivation to use her gift to help others gain personal insights and move forward in life. Quotes
Pat Scott

Quotes "I want to thank Eden for all that she has done for my family and me. This was a deeply healing process. I am feeling the guilt and grief begin to slowly drift away and it opens up a new world to me." Quotes
Stephanie Simon
A Beautiful Story

Quotes Eden is so on the money. She has an amazing talent that will put a smile on your face. Its scary how accurate she is every time. All I can say is WOW !!!! Quotes
Bryan Cunningham

Quotes During my sessions with Eden, she connected with a poet and mentor of mine. The channeling of his messages from the spirit realm has opened up a window to my creativity and has inspired a better understanding of my mind. These sessions have also allowed me to take significant steps toward trust and truth when it comes to healing and matters of the heart. Thank you, Eden, for your compassion and clarity and for sharing your gifted ability! Quotes
Jade Minkin

Quotes I had one lengthy session with Eden and was blown away. She re-connected me to a most beloved grandmother that meant the world to me. I was also able to connect with a beloved friend who had important messages for me. I will always be grateful to Eden for these gifts. Eden is a true treasure with a unique talent that she is most graciously offering to share with others. Quotes
Marisa Pickar
Loving Client

Quotes "I found my time spend with Eden incredibly beneficial, satisfying and very affirming. A couple of weeks before our session I revisited some inner child work (which I had also done couple of decades before) But dialoging with my dad helped bring even greater understanding and compassion to the parent child relationship. Our session was extraordinarily therapeutic in nature and it dove tailed beautifully with the work I had started. An essential component when I work with others is that they be grounded in Spirit. Not only was Eden grounded in Spirit, she was very kind and loving...a double delight!! I will work with her again! Quotes
Lindee Brown Larsen
Profound Experience!

Quotes Meeting Eden has changed my life. Along with her and other spirit connections, I am able to move on in my life and her incrediable gift has helped me do this. Eden is a beautiful soul who has an amazing gift, which I suggest any person conflicted with issues in their life and need the guideance of passed loved ones, GO Meet Eden! I look forward to continously working with Eden! xox Quotes
Melissa Gold-Pinkerton

Quotes Eden is an AMAZING spirit writer. I had an incredible experience with Eden a couple weeks ago and was "talking" with my precious Bailey June who passed away 3-3/4 years ago after a 6-year battle with leukemia. Virtually EVERYTHING that "came through" during our session was right on the money, and gave me so much relief. I have been carrying around so much sadness and guilt about my daughter's journey, but now I am sleeping better at night. Eden is not your "generic psychic." Eden is the REAL DEAL! Kudos to Eden and her amazing, incredible gift! Quotes
Erica Beth McManus

Eden Sustin


  • "Want to thank you for an incredible day and for being such a wonderful Medium. How lucky I am to share this experience with my daughter. I welcome the healing. "
    Grateful Client
  • "Eden is phenomenal! My reading with her was truly life changing. She connected with my brother on the other side and even knew his name. I found her to be insightful, intuitive,..."

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